By Asst. Prof. Rattanarith  Jantararangsee

Award  Gold  Prize : Seoul  International  Invention  Fair  2010 (SIIF 2010)

Developing of canvas process with natural herbs gum to create art works for tempera technique. Researching of art works for tempera technique from religious place and interview the expert artists for tempera technique found that the ingredients to make black ground of canvas such as phapode formulation, white clay mixed tamarind gum, white clay mixed latex gum and coated kathine gum, white tempera mixed kathine gum. This research was studies and developed the formula canvas frames with natural herbs gum and measured the properties of frames consist of skinny or thickly planting. Quality test and acceptance test (hedonic 7 scale) of canvas frames with the expert artists 18 persons consist of color  absorbed, color opacity, color semi-opacity, color transparent, color cohesive and  total quality of color  planting on canvas.  This research found that the optimum to prepare canvas frames with natural herbs gum for skinny and thickly color planting consist of white  clay  mixed  tamarind  gum(white clay 18.7% ,tamarind gum 3.1%, kathine gum 0.3% and water 77.9%  3 time of planting on the frames). Further more for this research to create canvas frames for art work tempera technique.