By Kitiyaphan pholam, Sakorn Chonsakorn, Uriwan Khomsingkha and Suradat Chupinidromphop

Award  Bronze Prize : Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2010 (KIWIE  2010)

The objectives of this research were to study: physical properties of Sesbania fiber, possibility in Sesbania yarn and cord processes and appropriate methods for Sesbanai technical textile processes. The experiment design of randomized completed block design: RCBD. The physical properties using the standard methods according to American Association of Textile Chemists and Colosists (AATCC)  and American Society for Testing and Materials  (ASTM).  And then, to studies require characteristics of  technical textile by using 12 experienced persons, questionnaire was used to collect data and data were analyzed by using mean and One-Way ANOVA. 

The results of sesbania fiber physical properties showed that; the fiber quickly burned, gray feathery smooth edge, had burning paper smell, the cross-section outline showed the cells in oval shape, small air cavities all of the fibers, long-section appearance of the fiber bundles; the fiber was straight, without crimp and had stripes on the surface of the fiber. The fiber dissolve into sulfuric acid and nitric acid be full-flavored. The moisture regain of fiber had 9% and 13.80  cN/tex for the tenacity. And, the results of Sesbania yarn and cord from Thai wisdom hand made processes showed that; high quantity product 99.90% of sesbania cord and 99.82% of Sesbania yarn, which fiber loss 0.10% and 0.18% between processes from total weight. The physical properties of yarn were smooth surface, shade, twist and best file fiber. The number of yarn 85 tex and  360 tex  of cord,  7 thread per inch, Z- Turn of yarn, and 5 thread per inch, S-Turn and 2 ply  (Z/Z)  of cord. The tenacity of yarn 23.14 cN/tex and  49.55 cN/Tex of cord. Finally, the results of appropriate methods for Sesbanai technical textile processes showed that; PVA 5 g. and 60 minute of time for gift paper or flower decorate products, and PVA 10 g. and 30 minute of time for box paper or durability package products. The hypothesis testing revealed that the PVA quantity for fix substance in sesbania bark tissue, it was found that tear strength at the statistically significant .05 level.


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