By Asst. Prof. Juthamard  Charoenpongmala 

Award  Silver Prize : Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2009 (KIWIE  2009)

This research project had constructed by The Research and Training Centre for Agricultural, Sakonnakorn province, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan. The aims of this project are to research into the development of Moa Wines’ packages for the basic and simple packages used in retail purposes, to research into the structures and graphic designs of packages for Moa Wine products and to estimate the impact that new packaging designs had on the manufacturers, the consumers, the retailers and the product designers of Moa Wine products.

The 140 participants of this research contain 80 consumers, 40 retailers, 10 manufacturers and 10 product designers. The research had constructed by interviews and questionnaires then analyzed by percentiles value (%), mean value (mean) and standard division value which has reliability value of 0.96.

The results concluded by this research project are firstly the manufacturers requested to use the name “Ma-O” as a trademark for this new development of packages, secondly the development of packages for retail purposes found that the best material use to create packages is paper (voted 45.38 %) and the label of Moa Wine products will present as much as possible of its origin (voted 95.38 %) and will have symbols of  MaMoa fruits, Phuphan mountain, winning medals and traditional local textile and thirdly the preference of the manufacture group, consumer group, retailer group and designer group to four new package designs.

For Moa Wine’s label the participants’ preference are in mean value order the design   No.4 (mean =  3.88), No.3 (mean  =  3.69), No.2 (mean  =  3.64)  and No.1(mean =  3.55).

For the structure of packaging designs, overall the participants preferred estimated by mean value from box set of two bottles (mean = 4.09), carry bag for one bottle  (mean = 3.91) and standard box for one bottle (mean = 3.83).

For the graphic designs on the packages overall the participants preferred the box set of two bottle, the preference in mean value by order from design No.4 (mean = 4.07), No.3 (mean =  3.87), No.1(mean = 3.83) and No.2 (mean = 3.81). The carry bag for one bottle, the preference in mean value by order from design No.4 ( mean = 4.03),   No.3 (mean = 3.82),   No.2  (mean = 3.76) and No.1(mean = 3.75). The standard box for one bottle, the preference in mean value by order from design No.4 (mean = 3.91),  No.3 (mean =  3.62), No.1  (mean = 3.60) and No.2  (mean = 3.58).

Therefore the result of this research project had concluded that the best suitable Moa Wine’s packages design for manufacture to retail is the set design No.4 at preference of 57.9%