Opinions of Thai Exporters on ISO 26000: Social Responsibility

By Udom Sayapunt and Apisit Tungkiatsilp


Purpose – The purpose of this research is to study the carrying out of activities on Social Responsibility, opinions towards ISO 26000: Social Responsibility, trend on the adoption of ISO 26000 for corporate use and opinions of Thai exporters on the preparations of Report on Social Responsibility.

Design/methodology/approach – Reviews of literatures in connection with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ISO 26000: Social Responsibility are conducted and the consequences adopted for use in the creations of questionnaire as instrument in gathering data from Thai exporters on the Department of Export Promotion Lists and, in this connection, questionnaires from 311 Thai exporters are perfectly completed and, subsequently, adopted for use in the analysis.

Findings – Most of the Thai exporters have apparently stipulated the policies and carried out social responsibility activities quite well. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the activity least carried out is the policy to employ handicapped persons to work with the companies. However, it is found that the Thai exporters extremely agree with ISO 26000: Social Responsibility to the extent that such international standard would build up the confidence, satisfaction and reliability of the corporate in the eyes of the customers, and trust to the shareholders, business partners, and investors. In addition, there is a trend that the Thai exporters will adopt ISO 26000 for use with the corporate and also are of the view that the report on the corporate social responsibility should be prepared for disseminations to the general public.

Originality/value – The value of this research is the obtaining of data relating to the carrying out of the activities and stipulation of the policies on the aspect of social responsibility of the corporate in Thailand which will lead to the social responsibility development in order to conform with ISO 26000: Social Responsibility.

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