Author  N. Assanee, C. Boonwan

Year     2011


Currently, there are 14 gasification power plants in Thailand with a total capacity of 5.4 MWe., as of today DEDE invested in 7 plants each with a capacity range of 20-400 kWe and investment cost about 8,000-100,000 baht/kWe. Furthermore, another 4 pilot plants were installed in the Universities such as Naresuan University, Prince Songkla University, Rajamangla University of Technology Thanyaburi, and Suranaree University of Technology. The investment cost of the thermal gasification plants is relatively high, ranging between 8,000- 100,000 baht/kW, because most of plants are under technology improvement for cost reduction. If technology is stable, the investment cost will be able to reduce about 1,000 baht/kW. The 10 gasification power plants are strongly examined in this investigation. It was found that most of plants have a series problem of the inability of control gas production system for both producer gas rate and gas composition resulting from the lack of a good design system for feeding system and tar content removal. In order to develop gasification plants in Thailand, the research in this area must be continuous requirement for ensuring system stability resulting in cheaper investment cos .

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