Author S. Thumsorn, K. Yamada, Y.W. Leong and H. Hamada 

Year     2011


An environmental friendly thermoplastic of recycle polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) and recycle polypropylene (RPP) blend filled with calcium carbonate (CaCO3) was prepared. Cockleshell-derived CaCO3 (CS) was ground and prepared for using as renewable filler in the recycled blends. The effects of filler type and content on thermal stability, mechanical performance and flame retardant properties of the blends were investigated. The iso-conversion of the Flynn-Wall-Ozawa was developed by the second order polynomial function for thermal oxidative degradation of the blends while peak derivative temperature from the Kissinger method was able to verify the mechanism of degradation in these blends. The results indicated that both CS and commercial grade CaCO3 improved thermal stability and enhanced the stiffness as well as impact performance of the blends. However, flame retardant could not achieve when low filler content was present in the RPET/RPP blends.

DOWNLOAD : Thermal Decomposition Kinetic of CaCO3 Filled Recycled PET/PP Blend