Author Chunya Sornsri

year 2011


The purposes of this research are to develop mathematical models and numerical methods for approximating water flow directions and pollution levels in a uniform reservoir with non-uniform current. Generally, the pollution levels in a reservoir are measured via data collection at the real site. It is somehow rather complex and the results obtained tentatively deviate from one point of time/place to another. Previous research work applied a mathematical model called “the dispersion model” to estimating the water pollution levels.  Nonetheless, the estimation accuracy received is seemingly unsatisfactory, especially, when the water flow is not uniformly distributed.

This research begins with developing a mathematical model which combines two existing mathematical models: a hydrodynamic model and a dispersion model. Using equation, (Ninomiya H. and Onishi K., 1991)…


Download : A Mathematical Computation of Hydrodynamics Models with Variable Coefficients in a Uniform Reservoir Using the Lax-Wendroff Method