By Surasak Noitubtim and Boonyang Plangklang

Year 2010


This paper presents the development of a new software program for the Design and Analysis the PV-Hybrid system for Thailand that never published anywhere before. The Utility of this software is finding of sizing and categorizing of optimal system in target area of Thailand. In this paper, we use hourly simulation technique methods. The first step in sizing, the long term duration of sunshine data recorded for five years are used to calculate the daily mean maximum duration sunshine in a year. These data are used to estimate the global radiation on horizontal surface from linear relation in Angstrom equation. Next, the calculated radiation data is used as initial input to systems. Finally, we solve sizing of PV hybrid system by linear programming model. The reliability level is measured in term of loss of load probability (LOLP).

Download : Development of a New Program for Design and Analysis of PV Hybrid System for Target Area in Thailand