By J. Srinonchat

Year 2013


This article presents the development of electronic nose and program for monitoring air pollutions and alarm in industrial area. The design of electronic nose depends on physical connectivity of the sensors, relating to the data management, computing management and information management. Therefore, the sampling, filtering and sensors module, signal transducers and acquisition, data preprocessing, feature extraction and feature classification are applied in the design of an electronic nose. There are 4 sensors are investigated to use as electronic nose in this experiment which consist of TGS2620, TGS2620, TGS2442 and TGS832. These sensors are operated with LabVIEW program. The experiment results show that these sensors can classify and sensitive to the different gas such as Methanol n-Propanol, Hexane and Dichloromethane. The PCA is also used to classify group of gas sensor. The system also performs the warning and alarm system when the gas is leak.

Download : Development of Electronic Nose and Program for Monitoring Air Pollutions and Alarm in Industrial Area