By Wirachai Roynarin

Year 2011


This paper presents the study of using wind turbine for wastewater treatment application. Wind energy is dean power resource that can be applied into many useful works. And the wind turbine is a machine which converts the power in the wind into many forms of energy such as electricity, hydraulics or air pressures etc. However, most of the wind turbine nowadays is using for electricity generation purpose, while others are not applicable and world wide uses especially, in low wind speed areas. In this paper, others application of wind machine was studied and investigated. As in many applications and areas, the electricity is not the main requirement but the need of air and oxygen is required. Especially, in agriculture areas and some- industrial sites, the water pollution is a big issue to be solved. Therefore, the used of wind machine for oxygen generation was studied and presented in this paper. This research shown that the prototype was generates 3 bar of air pressure circulates of 1.3101×10* m3/s volumetric ai wind speed of 5 m/s average into the wastewater pond. Additionally the suitable engineering design using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) indicated that high performance airfoils could be applied in wind turbine rotor for wastewater treatment at low wind speed areas

Download : Wind Machine for Wastewater Treatment