By Narirat Sungvorawongphana, Pontawee Pungrassamee, Rarcharneeporn Subgranon and Tomoko Obama

Year 2013


The objective of this study was to examine the color vision of elderly for color graphic signs under different illuminance. The subjects of 50 elderly age 60 years and over, lived inBangsaen Community, Chonburi province. A caution school sign, consist of a man and a child,was selected as the stimuli. They were designed in two styles. One was color figure on white background in a frame of the same color. Another was white figure on color background. Red, green, blue, cyan, magenta orange and yellow colors were used. Only the yellow color was designed in combination with black. The experiment was conducted under the ambient light with 2 conditions. High illuminance was above 3000 lx and lower one was below 300 lx. The size of the test charts were 27 X 27 cm2. The distance between the stimuli and the observer was 10 meters. All 14 stimuli presented to an elderly at one time. She/he was asked to choose the most outstanding one. Under the high illuminance 24 % chose the reverse cyan sign and at lower light, 20% selected the reverse red as the most distinguished sign.

Download : Distinguished Color Graphic Signs For The Elderly Under Different Illuminance Levels