By Petchompoo Charoensap, Panutda Panadid and Pontawee Pungrassamee

Year 2013


This experiment aim to investigate the discomfort glare from the color LEDs on young and elderly under 3 different illuminance, 0, 100 lx, and 800 lx. Four color LED lamps, red, green, blue and yellow were used as stimuli. Five young observers and 2 elderly with normal vision participated in the experiment. The intensity of the LED lamp was controlled to give 4 levels. The observers evaluated discomfort glare subjectively in 8 levels scale [1]. The experiment was repeated 5 times. The result shows that as the intensity of the LED increase the degree of discomfort glare increases. By contrast, the illumination of the room, when the surrounding light increases, the degree of discomfort glare decreases. The discomfort glare affects the elderly more than the young subjects in most conditions. The blue LED causes discomfort glare more than the others.

Download : Evaluation Of Discomfort Glare From Color Leds Under Different Illuminance