By Kanakarn Ruxpaitoon, Naokazu Aoki and Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Year 2013


Thai dynasties consist of Ayuthaya(1351-1767) and Bangkok(1782-Present).The culture and diplomatic features were different in each dynasty. Most historical wall paintings of Thailand were drawn in the temple. In the present study, colors used in Thai wall paintings of various dynasties were measured and plotted in the L*a*b* color space. Representative colors were obtained by K-means clustering in combination with 2 step clustering, and their characteristics were discussed by comparing with Pompeii (first century) and Renaissance fresco (15th century). It was found that Thai wall paintings in Bangkok dynasty were influenced by Europe and the way of using color was very similar to European way at renaissance time. In addition, impressions of the color arrangement of these paintings were obtained by a color image scale.

Download : Pictorial expression techniques used in the wall painting of each thai dynasty period