By Na Chen, Kanji Tanaka, Daisuke Matsuyoshi, Katsumi Watanabe

Year 2013


Preferences for single hue color and shape are intertwined; our previous study showed that people who prefer certain colors also tended to prefer certain shapes (Chen, Tanaka, Matsuyoshi, & Watanabe, 2013). In the present study, we investigated the relationship between preferences for color-pair and shape. Participants rated how much they liked the color pairs and shapes. The visual stimuli were 56 hue color pairs based on 8 hue colors taken from the Natural Color System, and 12 geometric shapes including 8 kinds of 2D shapes and 4 projected images of 3D shapes. Results showed that there are some correlations between preference for color pairs and shapes. People who preferred the basic 2D shapes (square and triangle) tended to prefer certain distant-color pairs (i.e., orange and blue-green combination). In addition, people who preferred the 3D shapes (pyramid, and truncated pyramid) tended to prefer some similar-color pairs (i.e., yellow and orange combination). These results suggest that preferences for color-pair and shape are intertwined.

Download : Cross preference for color combination and shape