By Masayuki Osumi

Year 2013


The human skin measuring way was applied non-contact spectral imaging. And system was composed by White LED Illumination, Liquid Crystalline Tunable Filter, Pertier cooled monochromatic CCD sensor, Laser projector for 3-Dimensional metric to compensate curvature of image measuring area which related optics geometry of illumination and detection. Subjects were males and females medial surface of lower arm and measured 420 to 700nm each 10 nm images. Each wavelength images, XYZ, and L*a*b* images were applied Laplacian filter calculation and analyzed correlation between calculated value and each subject age. The results of correlation about human age, Laplacian filter value, wavelength were shown in this study. This colorimetric way was useful and high possibility for evaluation of the human skin and characterizes condition.

Download : The human skin colorimetric and ealuation way applied spectral imaging with 3-dimensional scanning and laplacian filter image processing