By Chatchai Suppitaksakul

Year 2013


This paper proposes a pineapple ripeness classification in the manufacturing process based on color shading. The pineapple image that is captured in RGB format then converts to HSI format and it is manually segmented. The segmented image is passed to the feature extraction in order to classify the color shade of the pineapple. Mean intensity saturation component of the pineapple color, which is a part of HSI system, is considered as a classifier the pineapple ripeness level. The proposed method then performed testing on the pineapple samples and it can separate the ripeness into 3 levels. Finally, performing the test with pineapple slices and it is found that proposed method can separate the ripeness level of pineapple as same as human does in some degree.

Download : Using color shading for pineapple ripeness classification