By Jingyu Fang, Haisong Xu, Xiaomin Wu, and Zhehong Wang

Year 2013


Image color appearance model (iCAM) can predict how an image would be perceived by human visual system under a wide variety of viewing conditions. One of its applications is for high dynamic range (HDR) image rendering. Published studies have verified that iCAM06, the latest iCAM for HDR image rendering, outperforms other tone mapping algorithms. When iCAM06 is used for HDR image rendering, however, there is a hue shift problem with this model and the workflow of iCAM06 is a little too complicated. In this study, a new method based on iCAM framework for HDR image rendering was proposed, which incorporates three main steps, i.e. color adaptation, tone compression and adjustments. Compared with iCAM06, the proposed method is easier to understand and more efficient to apply, and it has better performance for HDR image rendering as evaluated via a psychophysical experiment.

Download : A method for HDR image rendering based on icam framework