By Si-Eun Lim and Young-In Kim

Year 2013


This study has identified the differences on the utilization of red series colors by fashion style for fashion design expressed with flower printings. 2189 out of 112 designer brands were extracted from Paris, New York, London, Milano and Seoul collections between S/S collection of 2010 to F/W collection of 2012 for a fashion design image which were required for the analysis. Natural Romantic style had an appearance of pale tone of RP-series. Neo-hippie style was expressing in R- and YR-series of bright and vivid tone. R-series of pale tone and RP-series of vivid tone colors were most observed in Modern style. In Maximalism style, R- and YR-series of pale tone, R-series of bright, strong and various tones were most employed. In Ethnic style, R-series of vivid tone colors were most applied. The analytic result of the color arrangement of fashion design with flower printings showed that the arrangement of complementary colors and the approximate colors were most used among coloration for Natural Romantic style and Ethnic style. In Neo-hippie style, the coloration by identical colors and high-low value of lightness were found most. In Modern style and Maximalism style, the coloration by identical colors and high-mid lightness value was more found.

The result of this study may be helpful for utilizing the colors when developing fashion design with red and flower printings.

Download : Analysis on the red image and arrangement of colors utilized in fashion design with flower printings