By Natchaphak Meeusah and Uravis Tangkijviwat

Year 2013


Nowadays, communication technology has changed considerably from the past. Infographic plays an importance role in communication and is widely popular among the graphic designer. It is well known that infographic is effective in communication. Since it helps people to easily understand a content and is an outstanding among text, the infographic is used as an effective tool in communication media. Several factors are said to be responsible for an understanding of the content for instance data set of graphic design, hue of infographic and so on. The objective of this study, hence, was to investigate data set and hue of infographic that influence over a content understanding. Students, who studied in bachelor degree of mass communication technology, were participated in this study. Expected experimental results will explore an effect of data set and hue of infographic on response time and correct understanding of the content. Our result might be a useful tool for designer to choose the appropriate infographic.

Download : Effect of data set and hue on a content understanding of infographic