By Winai Wichaipanitch  and M. H. Samadzadeh

Year 2003

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 3, Issue 2  (Jan – Jun 2003), p. 52-65


The main objective of this work was to develop an interactive debugging tool for C++ programs. The tool that was developed is called C++Debug and it uses program slicing and dicing techniques. The design started by including simple statements first and then expanded to pointers, structures, functions, and classes. In order for C++Debug to be more powerful, dynamic slicing rather than static slicing was chosen. The work includes new algorithms that handle Class, Function, and Pointer in C++.

The results of this work are reported in two


PART I: Definitions and Algorithms,

PART II: Implementation, Testing, and Evaluation.

This is part I that reports on the definitions and algorithms, how to compute a slice, and the dicing procedure.

Download : An interactive debugging tool for C++ based on dynamic slicing and dicing part I : definition and algorithms