By Supachoke Saengswarng

Year 2013

The 14th TSAE National Conference and the 6th TSAE International Conference : TSAE 2013. p.154-156


Bamboo shoot is a one of important agricultural products of Thailand which obtain good income over 500 million bahts for a year. The production of fresh bamboo shoots after harvesting is divided in 3 steps, cleaning sizing and packing. All steps absolutely use human in the production and take a lot of time especially in sizing process by weighing. This paper deals with determination of the relation between weight and mean diameter of bamboo shoot for measuring the weight of bamboo shoot without weighing. The artifitial neural network (ANN) was a tool for this work. One thousand (1,000) bamboo shoots of Rough Giant Bamboo in Prachinburi province were used as samples. The one hidden layer and twelve neurons in the hidden layers were selected. The trained ANN provided the R2 value of curve between the values which predicted by optimal ANN and the actual values was acceptable (0.7508).

Download: The relation between weight and mean diameter of bamboo shoot