By Muneo Mitsuboshi

Year 2013


A color stimulus (red, green or blue) of different shape (circle, triangle or square) was presented on the screen in different motions of circular, vertical and horizontal, or steadily (without motion). The images were evaluated with 7-points SD scales. Twenty-five subjects participated. The main results are as follows: (1) the image of color considerably changed both due to shape and motion. Sometimes it completely reversed. (2) The image of green was easy to change generally both due to shape and motion. (3)The image of red, on the contrary, was least affected both due to shape and motion. (4)The shape of ○ was affected by color most when it did not move, and △ was most resistant to the color. (5)When the motion was introduced, the shape of △ and □ turned to be most changeable , and that of ○ least. (6)The circular motion did not affect much the image of color, and the vertical one did much. (7)The image of “soft – hard ” was most changeable due to shape and the images of “thick – plain” and “monotonous -changeful” were most affected due to motion.

Download : The Images Of Colors With Different Shapes And In Different Motions