By Ryoichi Yokoyama, Yuki Kawashima, Takehiro Nagai, Taiichiro Ishida and Yasuki Yamauchi

Year 2013


Organic electroluminescent lighting (OLED) is expected to become one of the next generation lighting devices. In this research, we investigated the impression of a space illuminated by either flat-type LED lighting panels or OLED panels by changing the area of the illumination. The experiment was conducted with a small box in which miniature furniture was placed. Subjects rated the impression of the room for 20 adjective items in five steps while observing the model of the living room. From the results of the rated values, we found that the space illuminated by the surface-emitting type illumination will increase the impression of “brightness” and “uniformity” as the area of illumination increases. Moreover, OLED lighting was found superior in many items, such as “warm” and “soft”. From the results of factor analysis, several factors were extracted, such as “amenity”, “activeness”, and “personality”.

Download : Impression of the space under the flat type lighting -comparison between OLED and LED-