By Akinobu Hatada

Year 2013


It appears that the movements of volleyball in various colors give us different images when they move quickly or slowly. While watching volleyball games, people have impression that boll design might take some significance effect toward game. Actually, volleyball athletes sometimes report that red/black ball seems heavier than other bolls. This study intends to estimate what and/or how effect might be taken by different of volleyball design. First trial is measuring reacting velocity of detecting boll spinning direction. This experiment shows difference between each ball design, but accuracy rate data of this experiment shows interaction of ball design and boll fling speed. Second trial is measuring time gap between bolls falling down speed and observer’s recognition speed. By this experiment, we expected to find out statistically significant difference by ball design or color combination, but it indicates there is difference between experimental groups.

Download : Psychological experiment for measuring reacting velocity by volleyball design