By Yumie HONG, Youngin KIM

Year 2013


With rapid socio-cultural changes, there is a great emphasis on integration. Once specialized and segmented fields have now become integrated and collaborative. There are no exceptions to fashion industry.

We did a case study on creations of Giorgio Armani. The purpose of this study is to define Armani’s brands’ colour identity by observing colour applications of his designs, and to compare colour combinations applied. We collected photos of Armani’s designs, extracted colours from these photos and made colour combinations. The result of this study is that Armani used coherent colours to show his unique look; he used brown as main colour, black and beige as sub colours and red as point colour. It also shows that the tones of colour differ according to the concept of the product.

In this study, we noticed that fashion designers use colours to show its brand identity. This study proposes a new color application method for designers working in collaboration.

Download : Analysis on fashion designers’ color identity in collaboration – a case study of giorgio armani