By P. Niaphruek

Year 2014


This research presented a new job recruitment system using Semantic Web technology. First, it introduced an information model to represent a CV (curriculum vitae) by creating the CV Ontology based on exiting wellknown standards such as Europortfolio Europass CV, Description of a Career, FOAF and VIVO. Second, the research designed a new business model for a job recruitment system using benefits of the proposed CV Ontology. Finally, the research implemented a prototype system based on the proposed business model and evaluated it against other popular online recruitment systems in order to prove the feasibility of the approach. In sum, the result expresses that this proposed system is quite better than others, especially in supporting RDF, supporting ontologies and vocabularies, supporting SPARQL, and enabling linked data by SPARQL endpoint. These can solve the lack of a well-defined meaning of information and enable information-sharing across job portals.

Download : A job recruitment system using semantic web technology