By Pramote Anunvrapong  and Phichet Moungnoul

Year 2003

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 3, Issue 2  (Jan – Jun 2003), p. 27-32


This paper proposes the handoff approach by means of Neural Network for mobile telephone system, such as Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), especially focus on received signal strength (RSS) and traffic intensity (TI). A model of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) or cell, 7 cells, that have several traffic intensity. And using the principle of the mobiles in the hysteresis area can connect to more than one cell for handoff to the lower traffic intensity cell. The result shown that the proposal can reduce the drop calls, keeps the call blocking for acceptation of Grade of Service (GOS) and decreases the unnecessary handoffs)

Download : Neural Network Handoff Decision in Mobile Cellular using Received Signal Strength and Traffic Intensity