By Uraiwan Inyaem

Year 2014


E-learning is a pattern of study applying an information technology to support self-education. A student can learn in endless time at any places. It also enhances teaching and learning in class in advance. The objective of this e-learning research is to enhance capabilities of students before and after class. The research is developed for a subject, namely Internet Technology for Daily Uses, of Faculty of Science and Technology. The content of each lesson covers an area of using internet for daily uses. The dataset of the research consist of 220 students from Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Science and Technology who register in this subject. The e-learning system is measured by satisfaction of students and experts in three areas that are 1) Website Design 2) Functions of System and 3) Data Services. The experimental result is shown that the average value of whole system is 4.69 that means excellent, and the standard deviation is 0.45 that means excellent as well. In addition, the most satisfied area in measurement is Functions of System while the lowest of satisfaction is Website Design.

Download : Increase of learning achievement for internet technology for daily uses using online learning