Factors Influencing Employee Turnover in the Small Retail Business Sector

By Weng Binqian

Year 2022


Small retail business are labor-intensive and have a large number of employees. Human resource management faces many challenges in staff development due to these characteristics. It is essential to find ways to strengthen human resource management to promote the healthy development of small retail business. This study aimed to determine: 1) the factors influencing employee turnover in small retail business, and 2) the strategies which leaders of small retail business use to reduce the problems of employee turnover.

The sample group in this study comprised 300 former-employees of various small retail companies. The research instrument used for collecting data was a standardized questionnaire with fixed-alternative questions.

The study results showed that external environmental variables were not entirely independent of the internal structural and individual variables. Secondly, the retail industry was innovative in its development, and the demand for sales staff varied at different stages. There may be redundancies, such as there are cases where employees leave passively. There were also situations where some employees did not meet the company’s needs due to, among other factors, their age and professional skills. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between active and passive termination of employment in small retail businesses and compare the similarities and differences between the factors influencing these two ways of ending employment.

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